Cuba Libre!


Earlier this year, we got the opportunity to travel in Cuba. It was exciting to legally visit this Caribbean island long off limits to all us Americans. Researching and planning a two-week family trip to Havana (and beyond) was advanced. We could only stay in certain types of lodging and needed to bring a huge wad of cash to pay for everything. There wouldn’t be any last minute hotels or putting something on a credit card. We also decide not to look into a telecom plan for our smartphones. Once we were underway, it was really nice to unplug for a couple weeks. I only paid to check email twice the entire trip.

Our itinerary had us staying with a family in Central Havana for the first week. They gave us a very warm welcome and just adored our two-year old boy. The grandmother just enjoyed watching him eat and fed him ice cream every chance she got (no complaints from Dusty). Of course we ventured out to some of Havana’s main attractions, but what really interested us was experiencing how people lived in this middle class neighborhood. We ate at the restaurants they did, shopped at the places they did and let Dusty run around at the park with the local kids. This usually lead to conversations with other parents and a lot of learning about the real Cuba.

If you get a chance to go, do it!

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