SUP’s up in Cuba


While in Cuba earlier this year, we packed two inflatable stand-up paddle boards from Boardworks Surf. After a week experiencing the city of Havana, we moved to a small town on the coast called Guanabo. The scruffy little town is a┬ápopular spot for Habaneros to escape the city for some beach time during the summer, but not so much with the tourist crowd. Perfect! We were also able to reserve lodging just a couple blocks from the ocean, which allowed carrying our SUP’s to a put-in each morning. From there we would either paddle to one of the handful of nice stretches of sand for a beach day or paddle the other direction to tour the coast line. Either way, paddling and swimming in the warm Caribbean waters was a delight. Bringing our own SUP’s was crucial as we didn’t find a rental option that didn’t coincide with staying at a resort. It was well worth the effort!

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