Tahoe Vibes for Oboz Sandals

Bozeman-based footwear brand Oboz (slang for outside in Bozeman) contacted us last year to discuss a series of projects to showcase new additions to their product line-up. The small outdoor brand had partnered with nation-wide retailer REI to feature a few of their boot, shoe and sandal models exclusively. Understandably they wanted fresh new media for packaging, point of purchase displays and the online catalog. It also wouldn’t hurt to have some new content to announce the new product launch on social media.


After a month of discussing the creative and hashing out a contract, we finally got to work on the actual production. Well sort of; the wildfire season of 2018 in the west was absolutely apocalyptic and kept us on the move, constantly trying to find someplace to produce our work. Even though conditions were far from perfect, we decided to make a stand in the Lake Tahoe area. It just so happened that this was also a perfect fit for our first shoot of the campaign; a new sport sandal called the Sun Kosi.


It took about a month to set-up talent and locations for the shoot, not to mention waiting for the smoke to clear. During this time we were set-up in some gorgeous national forest land with our 27-foot Airstream travel trailer and embracing Tahoe lifestyle. Once we saw an opening in the forecast, I brought in good friend Jacob Pace to help with the dual role of producing photography and video assets during each shoot day. Jacob also keeps the playlist going to maintain the required stoke level. Tahoe locals Val and Nico gave it their all from sunrise until sunset, walking and walking sections of trail dozens of times, posing just perfectly to not look posed and instantly snapping into ‘good times’ mode on command.

Thanks again folks for all the hard work. Looking forward to doing it again this summer.

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