Sierra Peak Bagging for Oboz Footwear


With a very active fire season sweeping through most of the western states, last summer saw us constantly on the move to produce work for our outdoor brand clients. Part of that workload was an extensive photo and video campaign for Oboz Footwear. The Bozeman-based company had contracted us to shoot with three different models of their sandals, shoes and boots for the next year’s marketing. Figuring out the logistics of showcasing their signature approach shoes in the mountains was certainly a challenge when one could hardly see the mountains through the smoke.

We made our stand in Lake Tahoe, preparing for the shoot and watching for the right conditions. There’s always a lot to do in preparation for a shoot like this. While waiting for the smoke to clear, we coordinated with our talent, scouted the locations, re-worked the shots lists and sampled the local craft breweries (there are several). With a favorable forecast on the horizon, we were finally ready to mobilize our talent and crew for an alpine start. Gearing up in the still-dark trailhead parking lot, we could see stars crisp and clear in the pre-dawn sky. We knew it was going to be a good day in the mountains.

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