About Us



That sums us up in a word. We like to be moving, hopefully on a trail through the mountains or behind the wheel of some beat- up travel van. From our home in Anchorage, Alaska we to tend to pack it in. From climbing Denali, to making ski descents in the Arctic and paddling a couple thousand miles on the Yukon River.

You could say we don’t sit still very well.

Our wanderlust could be considered clinical. We spend most of the year on the road working for our clients in remote corners of the world. A couple months in New Zealand. Followed by a shoot in Iceland. Then onto assignments in Japan, Patagonia, the Himalaya. When it’s time to take a vacation, we literally throw a dart at a map.

Much of our time is spent as glorified baggage handlers.

Our life is a collision of our passion and profession. We’re often part of whatever it is we’re documenting. Which is perfect, because we’d probably be doing it anyway. And we’re usually collaborating with good friends. We’re pretty tight with those we work with. Most greet us with a hug and a dinner invite. It could be there’s a bond made between those that work really hard to make something they’re proud of.

Or maybe it’s because we always show up to dinner with a damn good bottle of wine.


Matt & Agnes